I am always very conscious how distinctly Australian the landscape experience is, and how it defines us, as I contrast this with my father’s story: His Austrian heritage is steeped in such a different European history, aesthetic and culture.”

 I was lucky to grow up in Western Australia in a home that placed great value on the arts. From early on I knew I wanted be an artist.

 After graduating from art school, where I had only just become aware of the modern Australian policies and politics and the plight of Aboriginal people, I headed north to the red centre of Australia to live with, and learn from Aboriginal people. I taught art in the huge gold mining town of Kalgoorlie and then headed another 1000 km towards Uluru and the tri state border. After a year in Kalgoorlie I spent 6 years living in remote Aboriginal Communities.

“I feel very privileged and grateful to have lived in Tjirrkarli Community, with the Ngaanyatjarra People in the Western Australian desert and  Maningrida Community with Burrarra and Kunibidji People in Arnhem Land’s tropics, in some of our most beautiful and remote country. I was immersed in Aboriginal culture, country and life.

 I am now based in Fremantle with my family, surrounded by an interesting mix of creative people. Western Australia is a huge state with abundant natural beauty, we are fortunate to be able to drive to, even though that can take days and thousands of kilometres sometimes.

Swimming with the whale sharks at Ningaloo, Exmouth and then learning about the science that  identifies and protects them has been a more recent source to shape my artworks. Swimming with the largest fish in the sea, was for me thrilling and beautiful, scary and sublime,  much like remote community living. I hope my art celebrates this. 

 I enjoy working across most art forms with many different mediums, painting, sculpture, installation, printmaking, multimedia, light and food even!

 I see my art practice as an exploration of  identity.

 I am constantly inspired by nature and our relation to it. My artwork is usually driven by something I experience, feel strongly and want to share or express.. The materials and methods how to do this usually come second and change with each piece. I  like to make work that will have a sense of fun for people. It’s an expression about me, how I survive, and make sense of life. 

Some things that happen in life take your breath away, and leave a deep and lasting impression in your psyche and your aesthetic. These are moments I carry with me and try to convey in my art practice.